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Since 1930 JA Dinte Pty Ltd have been casting product for the entire engineering industry. Specialists in all non ferrous alloys the Dinte family has seen and moved with the changes and advancements in casting technology that have evolved over that eighty plus year period. Even though the method of manufacture of moulds and casting has not dramatically changed the treatment and melting process has become paramount in the success of producing sound and inclusion free castings.


Access to pattern making, 3D prototype printing and incredible hi tech machining technology is on offer as well. As part of an expansionary tactic the Dinte family embraced the golf market in the late eighties designing, producing and marketing the first DINT putter. Basically a casting on a golf shaft.

This entire process of marketing our own product has  grown into another separate business. 100% owned by the Dinte family.


This company "DINT_Golf_Solutions" has evolved into the foremost golf course supply company in the Southern Hemisphere. We understand what is involved to take an idea to a product, however melting metal and casting components is still a passionate part of the Dinte family ethos.

If you require a company with casting and business expertise to Cast a Good Impression, JA Dinte Pty Ltd will completely satisfy your requirements.

A small selection of the tens of thousands of production castings that JA Dinte cast every year.